Story-received in a forwarded mail!!

The train has started moving. It is packed with people of all ages, mostly with the working men and women and young college guys and gals. Near the window, seated a old man with his 30 year old son. As the train moves by, the son is overwhelmed with joy as he was thrilled with the scenery outside..
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गधा . मान्छेहरु !!

मक्किएको खप्परभित्र
गधाको गिदिमा
रेसा रेसामा उंघ्दै उंघ्दै
बाटाभरि लत्रिएको भारी
झट्कारेर मास्तिर सारेर
म ढुंगेनि उकालो उक्लेर
लेकसम्म पुगेसी
जंगलतिर झ्वाम्लाङ्ग
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