Don’t call me serial killer!!

“Don’t call me serial killer”, the criminal in custody Charles Shobhraj says. He released a press note asking media not to call him serial killer. But it’s not Charles himself who released the press note but it’s Nihita Biswas who mailed the note to all the media people through her personal yahoo mail ID. Do you want to see the press statement???
Here it is.

Yes! Love is blind but…(2)

It was a an interesting issue for media and it had the factor of huge human interest. Moreover it was a propoganda issue rather than a productive information for media and it was her, Nihita Bishwas who called herself Shobhraj’s beloved who also urged that she is getting married to him very soon in France. Continue reading

Yes! Love is blind but…(1)

Yes! Love is blind. I don’t have to explain it anymore because I have already talked about it. But when a young girl of just 20 introduced herself as a girlfriend of the criminal Charles Shobhraj, 64, and explained why she loves him, I can’t express how I felt like.

And it was a prime time news hour and I was hosting the show with my co-anchor. 
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