Signed out!!

(This is a conversation between a guy and a girl. They talk about random things when they chat in MSN messenger. This may be tough for you to understand as no background has been presented and they talk both in english and nepali(in roman english). The unnecessary parts of the conversation are edited. Have a nice reading.)


naam KHUSI bhayo bhandaima haasiraakhnuparchha?

ha ha
k khaalki kt holi
parchha ta
kasle bhanyo ra?
ramri chhu Continue reading

Half an hour

This morning, after she left, when I was puffing same brand, I went through some sort of feelings that I usually experience. Yesterday I was trying to write about same thing but could not do.

People there were roaming here and there with their own sort of walks and styles. HUNKY FUNKY guys and CHINKY PINKY girls in the college uniforms fluttering with each other, middle aged leisurely men in their group sitting on the ground and criticizing the official behaviors, household affairs to political issues. Continue reading