सम्बन्धको कुरा

त्यसो त धेरै समयसम्म नलेखी बस्नुको पिडा नै अचम्मको छ ।  लेख्नलाई दाँया बाँया अनेकथरी भेट्छु तर कि त लेख्दिन कि लेख्नै सक्दिन । यसरी नलेख्नुको खास कारण त केही हुँदैन तर लेख्न नसक्नुको कारण बुझ्न पो गार्हो हुन्छ त ।
अलिकती त्यो कुरा गरौ जस्को बारेमा म धेरै दिन देखी लेखु लेखु भन्दै आँफैलाई उक्साइरहेको छु ।
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What’s this?

He says,” Well, after just 12 minutes past after 12 pm at night she called me and wished happy birthday to me… really interesting. I would have got the call right at 12 if my cell was on then. As I turned it on, I got the call and that was her wishing me.”

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Let’s see through her eyes…

This post is by Smriti Shah (Asian College for Advance Studies, student of nursing), one of my online friends whom I haven’t met directly yet but I eagerly wanted this piece of article to post in my blog. Please feel free to comment.   

This whole week I was busy doing my research on the topic “Maternal and Child Health” n “Aids Awareness” making a team if 4 with the students of UK university. I went to different rural places of Nepal where I saw the real Nepal …true face of Continue reading

Am I jealous?

Jealous … Jealous?????

Ufffff,  jealous for nothing.

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उनीहरु मलाइ केहि भन्दैनन्!!

उनीहरु मलाइ केहि भन्दैनन्!!

उनीहरु आपसमा
निकै गफगाफ गर्छन्
निकै गन्थनमन्थन गर्छन्
निकै हल्लिखल्लि गर्छन्
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My country, My pride!!


These days people ask,” Why is Nepal like this?” Nobody knows the answer. Where are we heading? What is our goal and where’s our future? What is our mission? These days we are living breathing smokes of these burning tyres.