What would you do?

….if someone laughs at what you think, what you feel and what you say?

What would you do if that someone is your friend who you think is a very good friend?
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It has been now complicated.

It’s not simple as the plots of the novels I have read till now and I can’t anticipate any of them that I will be reading in coming days will have such complications as I see now. Continue reading

Am I jealous?

Jealous … Jealous?????

Ufffff,  jealous for nothing.

There’s no reason for every “why?” But “Why they get parted?”, Continue reading

My country, My pride!!


These days people ask,” Why is Nepal like this?” Nobody knows the answer. Where are we heading? What is our goal and where’s our future? What is our mission? These days we are living breathing smokes of these burning tyres.

Chatting in the morning…

We used to have chattings. We talked about ourselves and our life. But sometimes we don’t talk to eachother because we don’t often have things to talk about. This time our conversation turned interesting. Continue reading

चंगा सपना


मलाई सानो छ्दा आकाशमा उडेका चङ्गा हेर्न खुबै मनर्थ्यो। कहिले पहाडको माथि माथि, रुखका मास्तिर त कहिले पहाडका छायामुन्तिर। जति जति चंगा माथि माथि जान्थ्यो, त्यति त्यति मलाइ रमाइलो लाग्थ्यो। निलो आकाशको शरिरका ठाउ ठाउमा लागेका बादलका सेता भुवादार टाटाहरु चिरेर चंगा माथि जान्छ भन्ने आशा मनमा कहिल्यै सेलाएन, बरु जति जति लट्टाइको धागो सकिदै जान्थ्यो आशा त्येति त्येति बढ्दै जान्थ्यो तर मैले कुनै पनि चङा बादल चिरेर माथि पुगेको देखिन बरु बेला बेला धेरै टाढा पुगेको बेला चङा दृष्यबाट हराएको चाहि भएको छ । मलाइ आकाशमा त्यस्ता धेरै  चङ्गाहरु एकैचोटि उडेको हेर्न झनै मनपर्छ। Continue reading


I feel something new and strange these days when I am home. I feel like we are agigating against our parents.

What happened is my elder brother tied up his knot with a lower caste girl inspite of our parents’ refusal. They were furious with him since my brother asked them about marrying his girlfriend and finally they didn’t let him back home after they knew he wasn’t ready to leave her. Continue reading