10 responses to “आफ्‍नोबारेमा

  1. “Mero naam sangya” , “Sangya” means “name” and I think almost everyone would be incomplete without “me”……..I mean without their “name”. hehe….. )): Always love to see yuh on rise n shine which makes my day goes reali reali fine….

  2. Thanbk you so much for visite my blog Roopess ..and i hope to see u again . cheer from chharda

  3. “greatpoetrymhf”…. “Ametya” …… Thanks for both of your comments. By the way, I would like to inform you that the poem posted here is not mine.. I have quoted the Poet “By John P Johnston” at the end. Please make sure that you have seen that. I would like to have your comments regularly on my posts. Thank you

  4. I tried my best but didn’t get the success to know this blogger fully. I think this blogger has his own world and is happy with that and i like such blogger who seem happy with himself in his own world. So guys if you want to take the fun of being confused guy then be a regular reader of blogstreet because this blogger know what is puzzle and do write things in so nice manner that you will feel too confused to feel he in his writting……very nice writting roopesh…keep it up….and i request you to widen the field of writting…ok roopesh…so that we could get the different test of writting of your.

  5. Great reading and exciting insights in your writing.
    Please do not hesitate to link my blog to yours.
    I enjoy great talent.
    You have a great talent and insight.
    Write on my friend, write on.

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