You n Me – Psycho (5)


There are numerous stories of people bound within some sorts of circles of lifecycles which are yet to be unfolded. These people are found somewhere among the busy feet roaming here and there for nothing or everything moving on their own pace and style. They are found travelling by crowdy public buses sitting on the last row staring outside the window and trying to forget the crowd in the bus. And sometimes they are found alone in the lonely cafes drowned into the cup of black dark cold coffees with smoke pipe between there lips.


Many often I wanted to know them, especially one of them and I found myself far behind him while I tried to be like him to know how it feels to be like him. People would like to call them BAHU-ROOPI* for their changing moods and changing styles. But I could never find them fashionable or showy. Yes, they show off their attitudes time and again but that would never make sense between people. That is what I was curious about why it was.

Lately I watched a movie that dealt about some crazy people and they made good works as they felt they were and that made no sense among the sane ones. That was good satire for the human behaviours of the civilians. They were much sensible for me than those who act like nobody. And right after the movie I started wondering about these people whose stories are not told and heard by others. I just find these people always far from the teams they are engaged and they tend to be engaged somewhere else where noone can find them easily as they think.

Sometimes I feel like I am making a story of myself. I feel like I have become like those people. I feel like I have become like him. Sometimes some of my so called friends talk about me in my absence and call me crazy. Yes, it’s what they call him too, the one I am talking about. But I find no point, no logic at all as I am totally different from him and I bear no qualities he bears but they are calling both of us “crazy”. I can’t understand what all is going and wonder if I am going wrong. But how could I?

I don’t have such intimacy but I like him. I like the people who just get lost among themselves and I too tend to lost among myself. I have no worries of others which may not mean “self centered”. Does it? I have lot of tendency and I can compete with anyone and I have the confidence to win them. I sometimes feel like I lost my destiny and I lost my motives. But however I find myself far more ahead from all of them who call me crazy and make rumours about me. So is he.

I wonder, we have common stories and they are different by the way.


* BAHU-ROOPI = One who has multiple faces/ acts different characters accordingly for their benefits

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