Yes! Love is blind but…(2)

It was a an interesting issue for media and it had the factor of huge human interest. Moreover it was a propoganda issue rather than a productive information for media and it was her, Nihita Bishwas who called herself Shobhraj’s beloved who also urged that she is getting married to him very soon in France.
“I don’t know what he was,” Nihita says when asked if she isn’t bothered by her fiancée’s past criminal record. “But I know what he is now. He is a good and caring man and that’s what’s important.”

Well, she is the one!!!

Well, she is the one!!!

It was a big surprise for us in media and obviously we were eager to ask Nihita some questions and know her. And it was her who made us much more puzzled. More precisely, when we were in off air, she didn’t missed to say that she once had aim of being on the chair where we were, she wanted to be a news anchor. I told her that being a guest in a news show and sitting on the chair for satisfying people’s queries is far more better. In response she giggled and shrugged.

Look at her! What a confident smile!

Look at her! What a confident smile!

There may be many more things beyond the limelight but Nihita is now in the light and she is playing it pretty good. The show may go on, and it won’t stop till Shobraj pays her good ATTENTION!!! That ATTENTION would stand for anything.
Nihita’s act these days is a good evidence for the fact that even if Love is blind, it’s not dumb or deaf. It’s her confidence or over confidence built by something unveiled till now.

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