Yes! Love is blind but…(1)

Yes! Love is blind. I don’t have to explain it anymore because I have already talked about it. But when a young girl of just 20 introduced herself as a girlfriend of the criminal Charles Shobhraj, 64, and explained why she loves him, I can’t express how I felt like.

And it was a prime time news hour and I was hosting the show with my co-anchor. 

She entered the studio with confident smile on her over painted face. After couple of stories it was her turn to speak up. Oh! What a confidence?? Can’t believe!! Is she really just a 20 year old Nepali girl?

She told us that she met him just couple of months ago and ALAS! It was first sight love!! Humbleness was what attracted her to him as she told. She blamed media of being so impartial.

The love bird

The love bird

According to her, Shobhraj isn’t a criminal because nobody has yet found any evidence against him that would prove he is a criminal, a serial killer!! I couldn’t sense what the humbleness she was talking about. But still it was a good defence!! She has guts!! Yes, she does have!!

To be continued….

see the link too..

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