You n Me – Psycho (1)

You close yourself behind the door of your room most of the time.
You don’t open up between people so easily as most of them do.
You are lost within the working hours when they search for you.
You do everything you need to do to earn, but you don’t admit you have done them.
You flow same old grin to almost everybody you meet and see.
You leave the table without asking your mates and blow smoke anytime.
So people call you, psycho…!! But I can’t call you psycho because most of YOU are like ME.


3 responses to “You n Me – Psycho (1)

  1. have but one heart, this heart I bring you,

    I have but one heart to share with you,

    I have but one dream that I can cling to,

    You are the one dream I pray comes true.

    My darling, until I saw you, I never felt this way,

    And nobody else before you, ever has heard me say,

    You are my one love, my life I live for you,

    I have but one heart to give to you.

    Let us tell the sea that we are making love,

    Heart to heart till the end of time,

    Because the sea whispers and caresses us,

    So does the breeze till the time we die.


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