Genre of the letter

I found this letter in his blog this morning.
Letter from Bhuwan Adhikari
Kamal G
Why you are reluctant on making contact with me , although i have been insisting on frequent contact . Whether you are suffering from Superior Complexity or Inferior Complexity . Or you are chasing a big dream , or you are seriously in Love . Or do you take drugs ?
Please do not undermine me .

Be in contact

I cudn’t get what type of letter was it. I just wanted to know the genre of the letter. Don’t know why. Later I asked him.
See what he said.

एकतमास मन says:
tyo kasto khalko letter ho yar

Sickth Sense says:

एकतमास मन says:
bhuwan adhikari ko

Sickth Sensesays:
it is original letter, he sent to me

एकतमास मनsays:
i got thatbut what kind of letter is it?
whats the genre?
loveletter, recruitement letter, experience letter, reference letter, invitation letter…???

Sickth Sensesays:
just a letter,,,friend letter

Still I didn’t get him!!!!! I remember one of my friend saying “ACHAMMA KHAALKO CHITTHI” to the love letter once I wrote randomly. Thenafter I usually searh for the genre of the letter if I see one. But most of the time I fail. Can you tell me if you know about genres of letters besides some that I mentioned in the conversation above?

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