Interview- Amitabh Bachchan

Your blog is now the hot topic of discussion. Every day there is a new revelation.

What people want to know is—who is the real Amitabh Bachchan? The extremely private actor who was very diplomatic in his answers to the media for nearly 40 years/and revealed very little about himself…or the man, who is now very vocal about his feelings on everything/everyone.


I really do not understand what all the fuss is about and I have not come across any discussions that have been hot enough for this rather unusual sounding word called blog. I do understand the curiosity though in the minds of readers and listeners, whenever there has been a seeming departure from the usual, particularly in matters that involve public figures and celebrities. But for it to be given the importance of a dedicated interview or an entire editorial, as I notice from some papers, is really quite unnecessary and a bit embarrassing if I might say.

However, having committed myself to you for a response I guess I am obliged in some manner to give you one.

I would in all sincerity have to subject myself to an analyst’s couch to ascertain who I really am. And so I believe would many others in similar profession. After 40 years of playing and enacting varied roles and characters I wonder what remains behind within us that could be termed real. We go through real life situations several times in front of the camera that you would go through only once. It would be easier therefore to judge who you really are. For us, no matter how honestly we may reveal ourselves, you would always question and doubt that, as do many of my readers on the blog, who insist, and some rather strongly, that ‘this whole humility bit’ for instance ‘is a façade’.

You see what I mean. When I shall express something in all honesty it is being taken as a deliberate contrived humbleness. And there really is no other way to defeat that perception. In the end therefore, all that matters is the perception. I could be doing the most vile acts in person, but if the perception in the minds of the people is that I am a good man then that is what will be termed real.

I hope and pray that the perception people have of me is good. If not, then I shall very humbly strive harder towards it.

Your strong reactions to the following have shocked many.

a) your reaction to the Raj Thackeray picketing your home;

b) your reaction to Union Health Minister,.Anbumani Ramadoss saying film actors shouldn’t smoke or drink on screen;

c) your reaction to a critic, criticising your work in Bhoothnath;

d) or your thoughts and feelings for the Gandhi family

e) Shatrughan Sinha and his reactions to IIFA

f) Your decision to quit politics

These are some of the topics you have touched on. And at times, there is a no-holds barred response. Is a blog an area where an actor lets his guard down?


Most of the reactions you mention above, barring perhaps two, have all been addressed through the media, both in print earlier and the electronic when it came into existence, later. The matter on the Health Minister and my friend and colleague Shatrughan Sinha came after I started my blog. And not without reason. I wanted to retain the exclusivity of my remark for my blog first. These were issues the media had not questioned me about, directly. I chose voluntarily to speak on them and that too after I had been questioned about them by the concerned individuals. The media picked it up from my very small and limited blog and gave it a larger profile by carrying it in their more impressive medium, thereby giving it a much greater presence.

There have been no rules stipulated as to what needs to go on the blog or not. I am believing it is a vehicle for me to express my thoughts and inviting others interested in it to read and comment. No where does it say that it is an ‘area where an actor lets his guard down’. And even if I were to say, for the sake of argument, that it is, what is the guarantee that you would believe that this is indeed the ‘real person’ !

Are you over-whelmed by the reaction you have been getting from readers/fans to what you post on the blog, on a daily basis?


Yes. Immensely. There has been the good the bad the ugly the abusive. There has been dissent and criticism and anger and harsh words. There has been emotion and love and adulation. All very overwhelming. Much like various phases of my own life and career. Fascinating .

Is the blog a current passion/fascination? Do you see this—blog and u— as a long-standing relationship. Or do you think, you will tire of giving a little bit of yourself away each day.


These are early days. I want to be able to have sufficient material everyday to remit. Shortly our website shall be operative and four other prominent members of the family will be a part of it. Naturally there will be the obvious dilution in interest. I shall wait and see.

Will you, via your blog, vanquish anyone who annoys you? Your blog, is like Lord Shiva’s third eye. Folk lore has it, that when Shiva opened his third eye, the world quaked.

Similarly, the blog has become your new weapon of hitting back.


Ha..ha..this is comedic !! I never looked at it this way, but since you are the one that brought it up, maybe you believe in such practices. Do I suspect an attempt to suppress a guilty conscience here ?

Are you disillusioned with the media? Has a section of it, been unfair to you and your family?


Disillusioned ? You must be kidding ! How can I ever be disillusioned by a medium that provides me with the bread and butter for my blog !

How much time do you dedicate to your blog each day? Is there a fixed routine…like writing in the morning/evening? Or do you just pen to paper, as and when you are inclined/angry/happy?


I have never counted and there is no fixed routine. I write whenever I get the time. And it is not pen to paper, it is single finger to keyboard !

Are you aware that other actors like Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgan too have been communicating via blogs. Is this the Indian film industry’s latest fascination.


I learnt from the media that they do and was not aware of it earlier and I cannot say whether the Industry is fascinated by it.

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