An excerpt

The monitors behave erratically. The doctors in hushed tones ‘it will happen soon now’. A young niece breaks into a sob. Someone puts a hand on my shoulder. I still stare at his face. They tell me to hold his hand, ‘be with him’. I sit unmoved. And then…

His body quivers..ever so gently..

The sound in the room changes. The monitor tone has switched from a beep to that ominous singular, much read about, much heard about, but never ever seen before, drone….

A tear falls without warning, out of one eye down the cheek. I blink and adjust the head phones over my ears. People move about in the room on the set. It is a hospital. I am in white. I am old, very old. An muffled instruction is heard. I move in measured steps towards my coartist, I go around her touching her graduation dress, now not able to control the flow and the pain of emotion and as I reach around her, look at her with admiration and gently move into my little dance of joy.

It is the climax of ‘Black’ !

This was an excerpt from Amitabh Bachchan, Big B’s blog which had more than 650 comments when I read it. Had good reading.

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