Saddam Hussain and his jail journal

A fearsome ruler and one-time ally of the West, Saddam Hussein has rarely left the international spotlight since he gained power in 1979. – Aljazeera
Saddam Hussein was dictator of Iraq.-
I know very little about Saddam Hussain (Hussein), the former Iraqi President. You can say I don’t know anything about this cruel criminal besides his name and his face. Still I think I know very little about him.
He was a poet too.
Last evening, we were airing the news that some part of Saddam’s jail diary was revealed by an arabic newspaper in Lebnon which were not publicised before. The news told that Saddam wrote most of the pieces addressing the people in Iraq and they implied Iran as Iraq’s most dangerous enemy to the Arabic countries than Israel or some other. He still took himself as great leader of Iraq and supreme commander of Iraq army. More than that what interested me the fact that his poem was also found which was addressed to his anonymous beloved. When this was being read by our co-newsreader, one of the engineers in the studio found it funny and laughed aloud. I was just surprised to see him laugh. “What’s so funny about writing a poem? Can’t Saddam write a poem for his beloved?” I asked to myself. Why not?
Saddam was executed by hanging for his brutality by the Iraqi government which was on the finertip of America as I say. When Saddam was hanged, many of the people were happy and many of them criticised the incident. I still have not mingled my head on the issue but then I felt sympathy for Saddam. I felt like Iraqi people lost one of the greatest leaders ever born. I may be wrong as I don’t know how he was. But still I could see some sort of truth and loyalty on his eyes. I may be wrong either.
Yesterday, when my co-worker laughed hearing the news about his poem then I felt as if he was laughing at me. Writing poem is a hard job man!! And Saddam did that and moreover it was a love poem.
I am eager to read his poem. I am eager to read his jail journals. I want to know if I am right or wrong to feel sympathy for him.
Some facts I found when I searhed for him on net.
Saddam killed more than 1500000!!
Saddam won a presidential referendum and was elected unopposed with more than 99 per cent of the vote.
Saddam Hussein is the most methodical Arab leader of the 20th century.
He had a full library of books about Stalin.

I will be updating myself and you as well regarding Saddam Hussain.


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