Blue Screen

Once I said to my blogger friend Shilpa, I will blog on this blue screen of the TV in front of my work table. This was as for the comment on one of her posts. I called it romantic, “the blue sreen” and you know what the response was? It was “the blue screen of TV romantic????? dude, seriously i am speechless….you bettcha you have a devastating disorder in your mind! hahhahaha…seriously…..i dare you to blog about the blue screen!”

Well, whatever Shilpa says, here I am with some kind of thoughts with this blue screen of the TV set in front of me. I have mentioned in my previous posts that I love to dream and the most wonderful things I dream about are the number of colors I see. I am fond of dreaming about these colors. And they all mean a lot to me. Each and every color defines life, may be mine or of somebody else. When I see this blue sreen, I just remember my dreams full of colors.

I remember one of my mates once asked which my favourite color was and I told him it was blue with the sky, it was black with the night, it was red with the roses, it was green with their leaves, it was white with the wall paints, and so on. Yes, its the same. This screen of the TV turned blue when the power of cable turned off and it had nothing in its cable to show. And it seemed quite romantic to me as if I were with my girlfriend and there were nobody else to disturb us and we had finished all the things to talk about and we were turning wild to find something to do. Guess what? Anything could have entertained us. Isnt that romantic? I mean isn’t this blue sreen romantic?

I know you could not figure out what I am really talking about. Let me make it more clear. When I saw her for the first time, she was in casual, full of colors. To say frankly, I wasn’t not attracted that much as I am just tired of these casual outfits and I use to be normally in my formals. I met her regularly as we had same workplace for time being and I was just to see her in her casuals everday. Don’t know why but once I saw her in her party wear and right at the moment I had click on my mind, may be somewhere else too i.e; heart, soul 🙂 . But  I really had a click on that red color. I never liked that color before that much besides with roses and some other flowers. I consider that red color as romantic the after.

This time this blue screen has attracted me towards it. I am not tired of watching colorful movies and other shows in this sreen but this is the time when I am just seeing this flat blue transmission. It’s not the first time I am seeing this blue screen but this time it has clicked me anyway.  aaannn I am not just justifying. It’s true. And it’s different too. And I came up considering this blue sreen as romantic this time.


2 responses to “Blue Screen

  1. hey was that a bet? Heheh … Well thats not only the matter of associating onething to the other but its the dimensions of my thoughts .. sometimes I just get fade up with these colors and sometimes i cheer up… its amazing..


  2. ok roopees. you win the bet. you do explain why that colour is romantic.its actually kinda cool how you are able to associate certain colours with particular experiences. so have fun dreaming….


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