Singing for you…

Singing for you

on the bank of Narayani

I wonder here and there

around the duns of Asia

Walking on the surface of icy glaciers

I whistle for you

in the dusks in Terai

Lost in the Jungles

whispering to the leaves

I sing for you

Can’t play violin

Can’t dance salsa

Can’t hit the drums

still singing through the plateaus

I run onto the summits

Shout for you


Singing for you…


3 responses to “Singing for you…

  1. Sorry for the incconvineince.. I wud love to be with someone if they want to know me .. but not to be more confused…:)

  2. You seem intresting…how nice it would be if you were in Biratnagar so that i could know you better so that i could be confused more in the way to know you more.

  3. After a long and stressful try i am feeling like i am starting to know you. Were you in love ???
    Never let this love to suck you. I beg you Roopesh ji, holding my knees in down (ground)as i know how it sucks.

    Thanks Ametya… By the way I love to be sucked. Still I am a romantic guy with emotions… I can enjoy pains… and I would say that I was in Love, Am in love and will always be in love…

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