What would you do?

….if someone laughs at what you think, what you feel and what you say?

What would you do if that someone is your friend who you think is a very good friend?

What would you feel then if they get furious about what you feel?

People use to expect more from others whom they like and find them close. But it’s not neessary that they also take you in the same way you take them. I know it very well. But can’t accept the fact.


2 responses to “What would you do?

  1. How nice it would be if the one with whom you want to be closed is you, yourself ??? hmm ??

    To get the hand of other, normally people do leave their own hand. At least i would do first of all to hold my own hand and will try to bound the situation to hold my hand by them.
    Dear Ametya, normalising the issue I would kindly open my heart to everybody to let them in and I stretch my both hands forward so that anyone could hold them… I just wanted to say that When I stretch them forward, I don’t like people to swing on them which may break my own hands…. or run away of the fear that they would break if holded.


  2. Join in, dude! No big deal.

    If you’re right at what you have to say, the person on the other side will eventually realize it, sooner or later – Chill!


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