What’s this?

He says,” Well, after just 12 minutes past after 12 pm at night she called me and wished happy birthday to me… really interesting. I would have got the call right at 12 if my cell was on then. As I turned it on, I got the call and that was her wishing me.”

He states,” I wonder, if I am going wrong. Closeness sometimes with somebody would be harmful for no reason. Is it? I find myself being close to her these days despite the fact that I am committed. I know the circumstances that made her close to me and I know the consequences too. It would make me more insane if I refuse to think about it. But still there is many more chances both for her and for me to be close and to get strokes either.
I don’t need her. I don’t even have any such attraction towards her. There’s nothing much to be attracted to her. I know she has some feelings towards me. That may either be mature or immature. I can avoid her or her feelings towards me. I can even break her heart or break the relation we have now, which I am talking about. It’s completely insane or say involuntary. But I can’t wish to do so or think like doing so.”
The notable thing is that he is not in love with her as he says. He is confident about this. But he has dilemma on how he could assure himself that he is not cheating himself and is safe from any kind of betrayal.
And he adds,”I got the second wish at around 2 in the morning and she was my girlfriend. She loves me. And I love her too. I mean it.”

प्रतिकृया लेख्नुहोस्

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