It has been now complicated.

It’s not simple as the plots of the novels I have read till now and I can’t anticipate any of them that I will be reading in coming days will have such complications as I see now.

Yes. It’s really complicated. It’s like the waves of the ocean that come and sweep away the beach at a time in a way and the other next time. Can you anticipate the way of the waves? It’s tough. It’s like the shapes of these clumsy dark clouds over your head that change within span of a blink of your eyes. They come just over your head and disappear in no time for no reason.

I love dreaming. I hug the mountains, kiss the jungles, touch the light, breathe the music and walk on the sky in my dreams. I can never imagine myself without these angellic dreams. I will die dreaming life. And the point of complication starts here and I can’t find any solution for this.

Yes, the complication is I am dreaming life for I feel I am dying this very moment.


2 responses to “Complicated!!

  1. any way dreaming is not a bad it gives us pleasure and we forgot all of our burden and enjoying on it. but life is not easy as we think and dream. Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort in our life makes all the difference. have a nice day.


  2. Life, indeed, is complicated. Unfathomable things stare us in the face. Then, just when we think we’ve got something figured out, something else happens that’s very hard to explain.

    Maybe sometime in the future, we will understand some of the things that are happening to us now, in the same way that some of the things we couldn’t fathom years or decades ago are now very clear to us.

    For the time being, get on with your dreams and write about them. Dreams do make things on earth seem easier.

    Good luck.

    Thank you Brainteaser.
    I am always optimistic. I love dreaming. I hope I will never stop dreaming coz I feel my life is my dream.


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