Let’s see through her eyes…

This post is by Smriti Shah (Asian College for Advance Studies, student of nursing), one of my online friends whom I haven’t met directly yet but I eagerly wanted this piece of article to post in my blog. Please feel free to comment.   

This whole week I was busy doing my research on the topic “Maternal and Child Health” n “Aids Awareness” making a team if 4 with the students of UK university. I went to different rural places of Nepal where I saw the real Nepal …true face of Nepal. This was not too far from Kathmandu. It took 3 hours of motorway and 4 and half hours of hiking. When I reached over there I was occupied by mixed feelings. I was happy because I was moving on to bigger possibly better thing and better place where I always dreamt to be. Those himalayas, mountains,waterfalls and being across huge jungle. At that moment I believed the saying “HEAVEN FALLS HERE” and I really was in a paradise, right on the top of the world but this was not the end. It has another face also, which left me thrilled and speechless drowning me into the deep ocean of tears of people living there. The icy breath stole the warmth of my own heart and left me like a leaf carted away by the storm. Those innocent eyes seemed trying to tell their painful stories and their sufferings in a single breath but a very surprising thing they had such a sweet smile on their faces. They seemed to be so dirty and messy, their hair was all tangled I can term them a dreadlock. Their whole body smelled, I could easily figure it out they didn’t took a shower since months. All their teeth were turned blac. They were having all those allergic rashes all over the body , Some had so many cuts and wounds whole over their body left untreated with so much of infections. I could not hold my tears. Oh my people!! I was only the Nepali and all those three were foreigners. People there were expecting lot from us. They thought that we were there to escape them from that hell, the place which I felt paradise was a hell for them, it seemed like they gazed the stars without appreciating the way they light up the sky coz they had to live there everyday with all different kind of pains…….with no facility not even with electricity.We wanted to see the real life style of their living and went to their each and very house with a local guide …. We went to different houses and there was one house and a woman which made me to think twice triggering and write this journal. When we went to their house she had a baby of 2 months ………. I interviewed that women we had all those formal talks …… she was so happy to see us ….but was very shy at the mean time too ..She was very frank but also we had a little bit of communications problem so we had to get help from the local guide … our first question was what your name ..is……????? Then she answers …. I have no name ……. A lady with no name …no identification of her own ….. See this is Nepal and its condition ….. As we went on she says that she had never gone to any hospital for her check ups … Her husband was in India working over there …. He had brought a plastic full of medicines before they got married now it has become 11 years of their marriage and the whole family uses the same medicine when ever they fall very sick … She has kept very safely in her box so she can use them in future too …. she brought those medicines for me too see when I saw it ….its date… it  was expired before  5 years …she has 5 children’s when I asked her u have so many children why don’t u use contraceptives then she says we do not have that much of money to buy it …. We don’t have enough to eat so what are u talking … and every delivery was done in her own home ….the cord of the baby was cut by the sickle (in Nepal we term hasiya )…then think about the tetanus ….her none of the daughter goes to school coz they need more manpower to work in field and this fifth one is a baby boy so probably he will be going o school when he gets old enough …. 6vrxkb981063-02.jpg


There is only a primary school which takes hours to reach…..when we assisted her and her child health her baby had infection on the cord …….. We gave her some medicines … and we did the dressing of the baby for that day. When I asked about HAVE U HEARD ABOUT HIV AIDS?????? Then she laughs and says yes why not .. I KNOW VERY WELL MY HUSBAND HAS AIDS … He is sleeping upstairs …he returned from India last year falling sick …. and when I asked do u know this is transferable diseases …she says very lightly  no I don’t know ,,,,again I asked…have u done the blood test ???… Then she says she has never gone to another village also then their no question of going to city and do check the blood …. And she continues …. leave about me I am fit and fine …I heard my husband will die just I want to know is …will my husband live” can u people save him …..She just is unaware about getting infected and her baby too…. Then just imagine what went through me!!!!!!…. At the mean time I felt so helpless I could do nothing to soothe her heartache but I just could do was hugging her tight and consoled her …… Over there the people have not even heard about aids …it’s only some people have heard about it…. But do not now what exactly that is….. It’s not only that house and those particular women …. After seeing all this I felt ashamed of our existing health system of Nepal … will those innocent eyes keep on waiting for the ray of development  to come to their place to uplift their life a bit …will the fine weather find its  way to their door ?????? ….. will their pain and their sad story  be limited to themselves never ever told … this is not only the story of that place I visited … but it’s the same story of each and every rural place of the Nepal …so when will my land develop and my people will be happy with a true smile on their face  Through this journal I just wanted to show you what exactly I saw through my eyes …. And I wanted you all to know about my land and its condition and the real life style of my people…

4 responses to “Let’s see through her eyes…

  1. thanks Roopeesh jii for sharing such a nice journal of yr friend (smirti) it makes me thinking about there life ! “HEAVEN FALLS HERE” but for whom ? very nicely described the situation and writing was also too good.
    I got your link through amit’s blog. your writing also nice and creative like amit’s keep it up and happy blogging.


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