Am I jealous?

Jealous … Jealous?????

Ufffff,  jealous for nothing.

There’s no reason for every “why?” But “Why they get parted?”, this question has a good reason, which might be reasonable but there is no reason for why I cudn’t ans can’t say bye. I think I shall not ever say bye!

When I think of others , I know there is no way out of the way I am going but why does the destiny looks beautiful to me? Yes, sometimes it disappears… but that doesn’t matter to me at all. I just hope to touch and feel the destiny but on the other hand I also know vividly that there is no destiny at all…. no where.

Why do I searh for a full moon everynight? While I know that full moon does not raise every night…. coz there are many hearts waitng for the full moon and its busy satisfying every heart …….. knowing all the facts why this heart wants the full moon to be in its own sky every night?

Thinking of others I get sad, exshausted and frustrated. I get mad with  my destiny, my moon and the stars twinkling for no reason around the sky of my eyes and the heart.

Am I jealous?

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