Chatting in the morning…

We used to have chattings. We talked about ourselves and our life. But sometimes we don’t talk to eachother because we don’t often have things to talk about. This time our conversation turned interesting.

A says:
wht’s up?
B says:
nothing .. same old ceiling .. I hope it ll fall down soon 
A says:
ha ha
at least u have a ceiling now
B says:
Its not my ceiling yar
B says:
My master says it’s for me and it’s mine but  i know he wants me to work for him and he is just making me work by sayig that
A says:
  smart guy
B says:
I m .. but my master can’t rely upon me ..
so he has created this ceiling to suppress me down all the time 
If there was no ceiling I would have crossed the sky
A says:
i believe you
B says:
Ya, so does my friend A, B and C
But my master doesnt want me do so

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