I feel something new and strange these days when I am home. I feel like we are agigating against our parents.

What happened is my elder brother tied up his knot with a lower caste girl inspite of our parents’ refusal. They were furious with him since my brother asked them about marrying his girlfriend and finally they didn’t let him back home after they knew he wasn’t ready to leave her. He tried his best to convince dad and mom but they weren’t ready to accept the proposal. What could he do? After all he loved both the sides of his life..parents and his girlfriend.

I supported my brother for what he did. That’s why my parents are not happy with me too and same with my younger sister. It’s so simple if taken easily.. a boy wants to marry his girlfriend, forget the caste and birth history. 

These days my home is quite and cloudy. I feel like I have entered into some sort of cave in the dense jungle where my dad and mom keep quite and remain absorbed.

Yesterday, I was asleep till late morning. I heard somebody crying loud. I woke up and listened the voice. My father was threatening my sister for no reason as I found later. I could not help stopping him when I heard him beat her. He was scolding sis for the reason that she was bit louder when talking to him. I thought he got some trauma because of my elder brother. And that was me who made him shut up with my loud woice. What could I do rather than that? I can’t convince them as they (both mom and dad) have turned so much stereotyped.

I think they are now feeling aggitation against them.


2 responses to “Agitation!!

  1. I am not finding any words to say…The matter is related with your family…sometimes in kidding i use to say my mom that i would marry to Newar or Marwadi…but even in kidding she use to scold me, so i can feel that what would be if i really do something like that…I don’t know what would i do……..


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