To my blogstreet…


Well!!  I am back my street!! I missed you a lot but it’s not that I just returned to meet you. It’s because I can’t live without you, atleast for this moment. So finally am back.

Yes, I should have told you right after I got back. I realise it but I thought I will make a delay and make you miss me some more time. I hope it was a successful plan. Hence I am back for you and now will  be with you with same hectic daily work schedule and be tensed.

I would like to tell where I was and how was I for more than two weeks which made you miss me and me miss you. Not more than 35 minutes far from you, I was in a street where I found numerous mysteries and colors of life. I had heard so many times about that particular city, namingly DHARAN… which had some astonishing impressions on me before.

Once(alomost 3 years back) in a trip with the journalists heading to BHEDETAR, girls were making us fun for no reason which surprised me. Last year when was on the way to Kathmandu from Dhankuta, DHARAN made me take off my clothes at the buspark as hot sun compelled me to do so and that was the first time I walked in shorts around the street.

This was my first preplanned and long date with DHARAN. Over hundred pairs of strange eyes stared at me. A bit nervous, the days passed away with growing intimacies and cheerings. Those eyes were growing more lively as the days were passing away. Their smiles made me forget you to be true. Sorry, my dear! What could I do? Those eyes which stared me strangely on the first day seemed so much close to me later on.

Yes, I was there with some tasks to be completed. I along with my freind trained these over hundred of enthusiastic youths for media but I always had my heart babbling for some intimacy and warmth there too as I immensely missed you  when the street disappeared into the darkness and it continued the other morning.

I felt like I was being teased by some of the eyes, I felt like I was being questionned by some of them, I felt like some other were sharing sympathy with me and some making fun of me. The impressions and expressions varied but they all made me think of myself and I could not help wandering for “my street” where I could find my people…..

The happy and determined faces and lovely gazes brightened my last day. I was then assured myself that I would one day make my own street as I found there everybody having street of their own.

O my love, yes you are mine!! I can’t dare to deny but you know my dear.. I want to make you my own street for ever and ever.



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