I am sorry

Once again I recalled the days when I wrote only for you and got furious on you.

I heard the same soft, old and soothing music on my radio set and the drunk DJ and I found you somewhere around me.  Those were the days I got insane when I worked with this DJ who played songs on my requests for you and read on-air the things which I used to write only for you. You never had chance to have glance on them.

Things have changed a lot these days, even I. The words I had for you those days are lost somewhere in vain today and those feelings for you I used to have remained on the sheets of paper. I find all the papers neither in my room nor in my workplace. 

I am sorry for my heart and myself. I should have kept them safe and the feelings should have been kept alive. As I heard the music on my radio set, I threw the book I was reading to the corner, turned off the lights and covered myself with the blanket.

Winter is not so harsh nowadays but I felt very cold from bottom of my heart. Your face stuck on my eyes. I closed my eyes but there were still your cruel smiling faces. And I felt deep pain on my heart as if someone is kicking me on my chest so brutally. I could not resist. Tears rolled over my face and I found myself crying once again in your rememberances.

This morning I found some parts of my blanket damp. I am sorry.


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