Man Can Do Cry!!

Man can can can freak.. man can have pleasure .. man can have anything .. anytime and anywhere.. either with reason or without reason. I also feel all those things..with reasons and with no reasons. At this moment somebody is singing ALVIDA ALVIDA. This is now going to be the reason for me to cry .. cry aloud. Who can stop me? Lets see.. These guys around may try to know what the reason is and I won’t tell them this reason. Why should I ? What can they do ? Hell nothing!! Coz these buddies would cry for the same reason I’m going to cry . I’m crying as they what cry is all meant for ?

Telephone rings time and again and I wonder as if that was call for me from my beloved … WHO????? I ask myself time and again, who the beloved is?? O SHIT!! Thats you dear whom I love … Its true, I console myself and have a smile for a moment.

The dreamway takes me to somewhere else where I forget myself and I get some slides of some immature images, some absract but full of colors. I feel those colors are mine …just mine.

Telephone rings once again and I realise that was something I dreamt some years back, around a decade. I find some of those colors on your image. Thank god you are here for me .. O dear .. you’r there .. .you’r here .. I’m nowhere.. Why man cries .. ??

17 Dec’ 2007Src –


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